12 thoughts on “I want to sue my dad

  1. Ask him.
    I felt angered at my friend at the time when she suggested I ask two brothers to pay for my therapy. Then I did ask and they did pay. One stopped after awhile but it was because he had serious debts, but the other paid for several years.
    If your Dad can pay, my guess is that he probably will unless he is without any conscience.


    1. Uh, just ask. That’s a novel idea! I am smiling as I write that because I hadn’t thought of that. He denies the abuse, claims he was an awesome dad. My mom agrees with him. So, I don’t think he will. But its worth a try.


  2. That’s a hard one. I think there would need to be a lot of legal papers over a long period of time that pointing emotional injury. People sew for wrongful death and get injury lawyers, I don’t think its impossible to file an injury claim based on emotional injury. I’d ask myself some heavy hitting questions though, do I have the emotional support to see it through? Are there other ways to get more of injury claim together before proceeding?


    1. Sorry it has taken me so long to respond. I haven’t been doing well lately. I wrote a post tonight as an update. I decided not to sue because it would just open me up to more hurt…which I cannot handle right now. I hope you are doing okay.

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